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Full-Time Vendors


Beachcomber Bakery,

  • Amanda Stilwell

  • Website: beachcomber-bakery.com

  • Facebook: Beachcomber Bakery

  • Instagram @beachcomberbakery

All Dates Except July 31 and August 7

May - September: Baked goods


Bee Juice Apiaries,

  • Ron Knapp and Carrie Tisdall

All Dates.

May through October: Honey​


Buckeye Harvest Market,

  • Chester Bowling, Brad Phillips, Mary Jean Hammann, Ken Landberg, Jessica Joppeck, Kyle Mitchell

  • Website: Bharvestmkt.com

  • Facebook: bharvestmkt

All Dates.

May – October: Produce and eggs


Bushel Belle,

  • Muslimah Williams

  • Facebook: Bushel Belle

  • Instagram: @ Bushel Belle

All Dates.

May – October: Produce


Canine Cookies,

  • Tatiana Junior

  • Facebook: Tatiana Junior

All Dates

May through October: Dog Treats


Fireside Glass Art,

  • Alyssa Ziemba & Jacob Garretson

  • Website: firesideglassart.com

  • Facebook: FiresideGlassArt

  • Instagram: @firesideglassart

May – October: Hand blown glassware and glass art


George Jones Farm,

  • Pete Morris

  • Facebook: georgejonesfarm

All Dates.

May – October: Produce


Grandma Jean's Soaps & Lotions,

  • Mary Jean Hammann

  • Facebook: Grandma Jean's Soaps & Lotions

All Dates except May 29 and Sept 25

May – October: Soap, lotion, and Pearl Valley Cheese


Gray House Pies,

  • Joseph Schlott

  • Website: grayhousepies.com

  • Facebook: Gray House Pies

  • Instagram:@GrayHousePies

All Dates.

May through October: Baked goods


Grow Pine Street,

All Dates.

May - October: Wide selection of microgreens


Legion Field Community Garden,

  • Peter Crowley

  • Facebook: Legion Field Community Garden

All Dates.

May – October: Produce


Macarons by Victoria,

  • Victoria Narby

  • Website: macarons-by-victoria.myshopify.com/

  • Facebook: macaronsbyvictoria

  • Instagram: @macarons.byv

All dates.

May through October: French Macarons ​


Maggies Vegan Bakery,

  • Margaret Bilyeu

  • Facebook: Maggiesveganbakery

  • Instagram: @ maggiesveganbakery

All Dates

May - October: Vegan Baked goods


Sapp Family Farm,

  • Robert Sapp

  • Facebook: Sapp Family Farm

  • All Dates.

May – October: Produce and Maple Syrup


SEPA (Santa Elena Project of Accompaniment),

  • John Gates

  • Website: obsepa.org

May – October:  Cookies, Produce, Coffee, Textiles, Jewelry


Sunny Meadow Meats,

  • Jay and James Burkholder

All Dates

May through October: Amish Farm Fresh Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Eggs.


Surreal Crème,

  • Kevin Duchon

  • Facebook: Surreal Cream

  • Instagram: @surrealcream

All Dates.

May - October: Ice Cream


The Slovak Farm,

  • Laura Reed

  • Facebook: slovakgirlcook

May through October: Scented Candles and Wax Melts


Part-Time Vendors


Bella Flower Farm

  • Laura Paxton

  • Facebook: BellaFlowerFarm

May – October: Flowers and plant starts


Let It Pour Designs,

  • Sheryl Siegel

  • Instagram: @Bunsofpower

All Dates.

May - October: Resin products


Micah Specialty Foods,

  • Nana Kwamena & Takyi-Micah

  • Website: micahspecialtyfoods.com

  • Facebook: Micah Specialty Foods

  • Instagram: @micahspecialtyfoods

May 22, June 12, June 26, July 10

Ghana Supreme Sauce Marinade​


Making Ends Meet,

  • Shelle Shephard

All Dates

May – October: Assorted handmade crafts


Thiery Melons,

  • Susan Thiery

Dates- July 31 through to September 11

July – October: Melons and Produce

Lowery’s Custom Designs,

  • Travis & Sara Lowery

  • Facebook: Lowery’s custom designs

All Dates: Raised planters and welcome signs

Yung Appetite,

  • Olivia Minjae Lee

Instagram: @yungappetite

June - October: Onigiri (Japanese rice ball), Teas, and Herbal Tinctures