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OFM COVID-19 Vendor Guidelines

Below is the list of Vendor modifications that the Oberlin Farmers Market will require of vendors as long as COVID-19 poses the level of risk we are currently experiencing. These guidelines are effective beginning May 16, 2020 and will remain in effect for 2020 season until we learn that they are considered unnecessary by the CDC, state and local health departments.

- No person can have a temperature of more than 100.4°F [38° C.]

- Those who appear to be ill upon arrival to market or become sick during the day will be sent home immediately.

- Limit the sale of food to whole, uncut produce and packaged food items. No on-site food preparation will be allowed.

- All ready-to-eat foods must be pre-packaged before arriving at market.

- No sampling of any food is permitted.

- Vendors, employees, and volunteers must wear cloth face covering as recommended by CDC guidelines.

- All vendors should wear gloves, regardless of whether or not they handle food.

- Designate one person to handle food and another person to handle payment transactions when possible.

- Clean your hands frequently, ideally between each customer transaction.

- Use only new plastic bags for the packaging and sale of goods.

- All vendors must sanitize their stands regularly, primarily wiping down tables, terminals, cash boxes, etc. Familiarize yourself with the

to clean and disinfect surfaces.

- Discontinue use of tablecloths and other porous materials such as baskets. Recommend using only materials that can be immediately washed and sanitized after use.

- Consider purchasing a contact less chip reader to process customer sales.

If accepting cash, consider selling items at whole dollar amounts to reduce the exchange of currency and use of coins.

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